Tuesday , May 18 2021

In this case … Google closes its news services in the European Union

Google threatens to close Google News services in the European Union (EU) If the proposed tax is applied to the use of news in member countries.

According to the new copyright directives adopted by the European Parliament on September 12, the technology giant must pay money for the use of artists and journalists.

To implement this change, member states must draft local laws, so Google is very concerned about the current proposal, which is designed to compensate publishers if extracts from their articles appear in search results, said Richard Jengrass, vice president of news at company.

"The future of Google News may depend on whether the European Union is ready to change the words of the law," he said. "We cannot make a decision until we see the final version."

This is not the first time an attempt has been made to collect fees from Google for news links. In 2014, Spain passed a law requiring aggregation sites to pay for news links, and Google then decided to close services to Spanish consumers.

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