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Egyptian boxer Mohamed Ehab wrote history after the world championship gold medal in a piracy competition to weigh under 81 kg, and was held in the city of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Ehab set an Egyptian record in a world record after lifting the world record by lifting 173 kg, and thus returning Mohammed Ihab to write the name of Egypt on record since the achievement of Khadr al-Tuni at the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin.

Mohammed Ihab ended the 173 kg piracy, 1 kg behind Chinese silver medalist Liu Xiaoyan.

In the semifinals, Mohamed Ihab won a bronze medal after lifting 200 kg, and Ihab managed to reach a total silver weight of 373 kg, only 1 kg of gold.

Ehab has been crowned three gold in the final edition of the World Championship, in piracy, netter and total.

Egypt increased its balance to 35 different medals in its participation in the world weightlifting championship after Mohamed Ihab's silver medal.

Thus, Egypt has won 10 gold and 12 silver medals and 13 bronze medals in terms of total.

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