Tuesday , July 27 2021

Farouk Hosni on the dock

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The former Minister of Culture, Farouk Hosni, used to respond to the accusation and put everything from the first day of service on the dock. He was accused of destroying Egyptian culture, insulting intellectuals and exploiting his position in marketing paintings considered by attackers as "scrawl of children " "I was not surprised when I found him to choose the title of the seminar at the salon of cultural writer Ahsan Abdul Qaddous," Farouk Hosni on the dock, "he said. He asked the audience to guide his charges to answer them.

However, the audience could not accuse the minister of the artist. After eight years of leaving the ministry as an excuse for accusations, intellectuals realized the value of cultural work and became a common factor in talks about culture and archeology, praising its achievements and projects. Today, the saloon has become a link of praise and support to the minister of artists, and the desire to listen to stories of great projects such as the development of Al-Moez Street, Museum of Civilization in Fustat and the Ancient Egyptian Museum.

The audience asked for an explanation of the issues that were the subject of the accusation against the minister, such as the fire at the Beni Suef theater, and the story with confinement, in which a accused was arrested in a corruption and innocent case after proving to everyone that his hands were clean. Egypt, because I believe in God's justice, and I accept to stand in the cage and I am satisfied with the bed ».

Instead of attacking Farouk Hosni, the audience was criticized because it was not mentioned at the 60th anniversary of the Ministry of Culture, the minister who had been responsible for 24 years of service, almost half his age.

Farouk Hosny's artistic work has a number of questions, especially that some see it as "scrawl", which is not understood by society. But the controversial minister, who has worked to improve public tastes, responded calmly: "Art does not need to fall to the level of understanding of the people. It reaches them, and gives them a vision that contributes to the development of their imagination».

The Saloon briefly summarized the years of attacks on Farouk Hosny, as minister and artist, for years where dock detention remained, before the issues that caused him to be placed in the cage were evidence of innocence and his attackers moved in front of the defense. The same admiration from the audience that he did not understand before, such as the one Farouk Hosni said more than once, could answer any charges.

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