B "Dress Karo" … A new shooting session for "Mirhan Hussein"


Book – Bahaa Hijazi:

MacKayer Haitham Dahab, through his personal account on Instagram, published the latest film Mirhan Hussein.

Mirhan appeared in the picture in a short red dress, and the meeting was filled with admiration for Merhan fans.

It is worth mentioning that the Pyramid Criminal Court ruled on Monday 8 October, the artist jail "Mirhan Hussein" two years and 6 months in a case known as the "ambush pyramid" and guaranteed money of 30 thousand pounds, and returning artist Mirhan Hussein to rule hang "respect the Egyptian court" he said.

This is a new filming session for "Mirhan Hussein" (translated by the Egyptian search engine 24 and transferred because it originated from a source (Masrawy), and does not reflect the site's views and liberation policies, but is the responsibility of the news.


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