Al-Azhar's decision to Grand Sheikh depends on the return of all teachers who were fired over the past 3 months


Dr. Ahmad al-Tayeb, Sheikh Al-Azhar, adopted the decision of the Diwan Grievance committee at Al-Azhar to return all teachers who had been fired for the past three months.

Sheikh Al-Azhar, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Al-Azhar, quickly entrusted the implementation of the return of all dismissed teachers to ensure the stability of their families' lives and conditions. He stressed the completion of an investigation with anyone who proved his involvement in the past or new in obtaining funds from anyone for the purpose of appointing or annexing, to act.

Al-Azhar's decision Sheikh Al-Azhar Sheikh was based on the Ombudsman's Committee's decision to return all teachers who were dismissed for the past 3 months, transferred by 24 Egyptian search engines and transferred because they came from Egyptian sources. The news and validity of the original publishers is today Egyptians.


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