Thursday , October 21 2021

After a meteorological rain warning … 7 tips are needed to avoid colds


In winter, be careful and take all precautions before leaving home to avoid influenza infection, especially in the coming days, where warnings warn of low temperatures starting on Thursday, and rain is expected.
So we provide you with important tips and need to be followed before leaving home to avoid catching a cold, according to DailyMedical.
– Consider wearing heavy clothing before leaving the house, wearing a "heavy" jacket, especially if you come back late at night.
– Prefer not to wear brightly colored clothes, to anticipate the rain filled with dust and dust.
– If there are signs of colds, such as a blocked nose, prefer to take painkillers with you in your bag.
– Girls are advised not to wear high heels.
– Take a glass of cold water before you leave the house.
– Stay away from people with influenza.
– Most foods that contain vitamin C, such as oranges and tangerines.

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