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The Plzen of the governor exacerbated the importance of the Vodic, the reason being Ondrka | House

PRAGUE After the mayor of Prague 14, Radka Vondra (TOP 09), who had decided in the past to meditate on a medal from the freedom fighters union, was made in its entirety by the governor of the Bohemian Region, Josef Bernard. In both cases, members of the same Communist parliament, Zdek Ondrk (KSM), were given the same reasons.

Inspiring others, I returned to Mr. Vodic, he said in a book about Bernard's Facebook profile, which he did to his predecessor, Radka Vondra. Bernard said this week that he had given away the famous SBS.

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Inspiring others, I returned to Mr. Vodik. If necessary, it is not in the text.

I cannot agree with the assignment of a similar medal to Mr. Zdek Ondrk, Bernard in a letter addressed to the chairman of Jaroslav Vodik. Both of them refer to the KSM's past regarding Public Security. Ondrek was the only member of the Emergency Regiment, which intervened in the demonstration in November 1989. I was a student as a student and fought for freedom. But on the other side, not Ondrek. I don't really want to have the same medal, he commented on his esteemed Vondra pitch.

We all have to beg the young generation, in particular, to remember our native heroes and realize how evil the totality is in any form. The case of Mr Ondrk was contrary to this effort, explaining to the President of the Czech Republic Josef Bernard, who had held a medal from the 1940s guards from the freedom group 1918.

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