The PES score increases to 64 points, which corresponds to the fourth degree


Updates: 06.12.2020 13:23

Pardubice – The risk score in the PES anti-epidemic system has increased by seven points to 64 to date, which corresponds to a fourth stricter level of vigilance. The worsening of the situation led to an increase in the reproductive rate above one and an increase in the proportion of positive cases. In the previous thirteen days, the index was at 57 points out of one hundred, that is, at the third degree on a five-point scale. The ministry did not display up-to-date data on the website until around noon, because the previous system had a network outage. The website provides incomplete data in the morning, after which the Ministry and Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS) announced that the repair of the disorder would take place throughout the morning.

If the PES index falls into a lower or higher band, this does not automatically imply a change in size. For improvement, seven days should remain on the lower band, for a drop of three days. But the government must always decide on change. The fourth degree ranges from 61 to 75 points.

The reproductive number, which represents the average number of other infected people from one person testing positive, is now 1.02. Recently, nearly a quarter of all tests conducted were positive. The number of tests and portion of positive tests for Saturday will be published by the ministry tonight, as well as the number hospitalized or the increase in the number infected today.

Under a government decree, the entire country has been operating according to a third-tier rule since Thursday, which allows the opening of shops, restaurants, hotels or service companies with limited capacity. However, Health Minister Jan Blatný (for YA) described the situation as fragile and did not rule out that measures could be further tightened.

“The increase in the risk index from 57 to 64 points is currently due to two factors: an increase in the relative share of positive cases and especially an increase in the number of reproductions above one.

The Ministry of Health also updated data on the number infected on Saturday following a network outage. There were 3308 more cases of Covid, 641 more than a week ago. This is the smallest daily gain this week, but tested less at the weekend and the holiday gains always decline significantly. There are currently more than 60,000 people infected in the country, of which 4,436 are in hospital according to the latest figures. The number of hospitalizations has not changed significantly or decreased slightly in recent days. So far 8838 people have died with COVID-19. Since Thursday, the daily death toll has remained below one hundred. So far, the ministry has recorded 59 casualties for Saturday and six for today, but this figure is still growing later.

Since the outbreak in March, the country has infected 545,724 people, about 87 percent of whom have recovered since then. Most people experience mild symptoms, with about seven percent of them testing positive in hospital now.

The calculation of the PES score is based on the reproductive rate, the positive proportion of all daily tests in the last seven days and the number of infections per 100,000 population in the general population and the elderly. According to a score on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being the worst, the country is ranked one of five levels.

ÚZIS stated that a network outage at night interfered with the transmission of data from the laboratory and the downloaded data was incomplete. “As soon as a defect is found, data correction begins. Because there is a need for the cooperation of several entities and because all data export procedures from the laboratory have to be repeated, data correction takes place all morning,” the statistician said.

On Saturday, the ministry first notified the website that the PES risk score had increased by two points to 59. However, later, the index was lowered again to 57, including other tests, without which there was a higher proportion of positives. As a result, the values ​​are no longer updated after midnight from today as they were on the previous day, but only during the morning.

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