Tuesday , July 27 2021

The Czechs had the first clear for years, two goalkeepers struggling for it. After the Čechín era, it was a habit, said Vaclík

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

"If the match against Slovakia decides on one? It's hard to say. Maybe if I really blame him. But I don't think his choice is Pavlas who has won Poland in a great way, and now it turns out how to play with Slovakia. at the beginning of the qualification, "Vaclík said.

Of all ranks, the Czechs have the highest competition and the quality is only between sticks. Vacilka and Pavlenka are members of the party Tomáš Koubek, who works in Rennes, France. An unusual situation after a long period when the national team is a clear leader.

"After the inechin era, it was a bit of a habit. The situation has developed so we have three goals at the same level. But for the team it's fine. When someone happens, boys know there are two more people to rely on. If the coach chooses wrong one of us, he won't go next, "said Vaclik, who, after a summer transfer to Sevilla, appeared light as the first goalkeeper.

Its main competitor, Pavlenka, has a strong position in the Bremen Bundesliga. He confirmed the quality at Gdańsk on Thursday, covering a lot of hard missiles in the last half hour, not even Bayern Robert Lewandowski.

"Who will stand in the spring, at the start of qualifying at the gate? I did not solve this question, it is still long. When I enter it, I will try to give maximum performance. If not, I will support the boy to make it , "Pavlenka said.

Coach Jaroslav Šilhavý from his arrival evenly turns out Vaclík and Pavlenka. Koubek was unlucky because at that time he lost his first position at Rennes, which he then took back. "We have a super relationship with Tomas. It's not good if you don't catch the club. I'm happy to be back," said Vacilka, who said that Silhavý and Milan goalkeeper coach Veselý would make a decision not only according to the match.

"For two months, we have seen us in a lot of training, they will see us in the same number of matches. They can find out who has influence on the team, but not on the page. I mean communication and so on. Many aspects," Vaclik added .

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