Sting and Shaggym talked to the busy Karlin Forum


Many visitors, especially women, have danced with reggae music recorded before the start of the concert. The English appearance of the Sting New York song, Nothing Like the Sun, was released in October 1987, followed by Sting and Shaggy 44/876. The album's name refers to the country code – 44 for Great Britain, Sting's birthplace, and 876 for Jamaica, Shaggy's birthplace.

Sting and Shaggy were accompanied by musicians Sting Dominic Miller (guitar), Josh Freese (drums) and Rufus Miller (guitar) and Shaggy members & # 39; s Melissa Musique (accompanying vocals), Gene Noble and Kevon Webster.

The combination of the two artists not only offered songs from a joint album recently 44/876 as Dreaming in the US. or Morning Is Coming, but also their most famous hits. Shaggy presents a solo career that is successful with hits like Angel or It Was Not Me. Sting has offered to his audience enthusiastic Love Is the Seventh Wave or If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, but there are also no old songs from his time in the band The Police. With their songs and dances, they responded to Every Little Thing's She Does Is Magic or Every Breath You Take songs.

"It never occurred to me until tonight that the Police and Sting were very close to reggae. The concert program was very natural," said one visitor in the original version of The Police Walking on the Moon. The concert ended with a room version of Fragile, written by Sting in Nothing Like the Sun to Ben Linder, an American engineer killed in 1987 by the Contras during his work in Nicaragua.

Sting and Shaggy initially joined to record a new song Don't Make Me Wait, which also appeared in concerts today, as a repertoire of Caribbean music that affects both artists. This new album was received in a positive way, and this year's album came out at 44/876: The Remixes, which brought various song remixes from the album.


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