StarDance | Genzer must apologize to Eben. He said what the Pisarovic whispered to him


In his remarks, he reminded the audience that he did not say he wanted to participate in other programs such as the AZ quiz and Christian magazine. "And of course I will wait for your mistakes, "He showed the event moderator Mark Eben.

For a moment he laughed at him, but some viewers caught him. "I realized when I was stressed and didn't know what to say and didn't want to be sad, so I said this. But, of course, Marek didn't make a mistake. This is why I apologize to Mark Eben and everyone who likes him. I am sorry, "Has sent a message to the moderator and to viewers in Czech Television videos.

Other audiences were curious about what reporter Daniela Písařovicová did he whispered in his ear as long as he hugged him. "He did it on the news, but it was very thin, so I really didn't know. There are only shouts. I want to know it myself. He should be a doctor, "Genzer did it from Písařovice fun.

During the questions and answers he also revealed who was his favorite to win. "I will hope Jirka Dvořák"He acknowledged. He responded to other questions with his distinctive humor. His reaction to leaving StarDance was such that it would be worse if the current had fallen. Or that his favorite dance was break dance, when he could roll on the floor and it was still a dance.

He also depends on the subject when he ends with pain from drops. On Saturday, I was not afraid for the first time, and that was what happened, "the former dancer concluded his performance on Saturday. In StarDance, he was still with Jan Zelenková show at the last job.

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