Shocking news! Uncle after the Fed Cup final on the team will end


Czech Sports / Pavel Lebeda, Facebook

"It's great that I can end my fedcup career here in Prague on the O2 arena, I want to thank the audience for their energy supply," said Stryc, who announced his decision at a traditional pre-match banquet. players have teams to give because they are just good, "they are not afraid of the future of the Czech team.

This year's final is the twentieth Fed Cup match, where the Unicorn is nominated, the match balance total is 21:11. The biggest downturn? Two years ago, in the final on French soil, he won 3: 2 wins for the Czechs.

"This was a successful trip for me," said Strýcová, who had five Fedecup captains during his lifetime (Jan Kukal, Petra Langrova, Tomas Peter, Aleš Kodat, Petr Pála).

Uncle: Representing me is an honor

"I have seen extraordinary moments in this era, representing such an honorable era in an era like that," said the 32-year-old. "When I was 16, I was like an inexperienced ear, I knew I had more experience now, but I thought that I was still the same girl," Stryc said.

He has thought about the end of his life in a team competition since January. "I want to play all year. But I feel I have the right age and time. The Fed Cup is very important to me and I like to play it. But for three weeks now, I will rest and prepare," said Strycova, which means only one: no end will occur in an individual's career. "Bára continued: singles and strips.


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