Pirate Bartos is in his official car. The bus hit him


Ivan Bartoš boural in Prague on Friday – he found a bus in his official car. Everything went unscathed, TV Nova said, when according to the Head of the Pirates, the driver misjudged the accident.

The accident was pulled by children's chalk

Damage may amount to tens of thousands of crowns. Without injury, the passengers also fled, and replacement buses had to arrive.

This is the second parliamentary accident of the week. Boural on Sunday at Pilsen was also Milan Chovanec's interior minister (CSSD), who, unlike Bartos, had to seek treatment at the hospital. "I'm in the nursing home. Only the sheets are taken," Blesk said.

Bartoš after the accident responded strangely – by drawing a pedestrian accident on the road before the police arrived, TV Nova said. With Lydia's wife, Franco Bartosova, she cared for her daughter, Amelia.

He and his wife will celebrate the three-year anniversary

That is his wife who was mentioned by the head of the Pirates in a different context – along with November 17.

"17. November is the most important holiday for the Pirates. We celebrate it as an International Student Day, such as the Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy, when we remind that we must actively give us freedom every day. At the same time, for me, this date is also important at the most personal level: only on November 17 we married my wife and friend Lydia-Franka three years ago, " Blesk Reporting wrote.

"Why do we choose to combine our lives today? Maybe because it is very important in our modern history. This has affected at least twice the development of our country and the place where we live, "Bartoš wrote on Friday night on Facebook.

"The more we will defend human and civil rights from others, no matter what their skin color, gender, religion or status, the more we understand that the freedom of each of us also makes the freedom of others, the better we will live for everyone, "He said.


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