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O 2,000 higher CZK payments? Every fourth employee will consider changing jobs

25% of the residents of the Zlín Region will be able to reduce net income by two thousand Czech crowns for possible job changes. With an additional CZK of 3,000 a month, changes will appeal to 64% of employees. Apart from salaries, other priorities will be surprising.

Company name? Especially parking well

In Zlín Region, employees mainly decide on financial assessments, but other conditions are important. For example, easy parking in the workplace is twice as important as the name and position of the company. Details of current criteria for employees in the Zlín region are found at STEM / MARK. As a result of a unique survey, this is also the rank of the most respected businessman in the region, winning private companies such as Barum Continental, ROBE lighting, Austin Detonator, or ON Semiconductor.

V first piece in the Zlín Region, we found that most respondents were satisfied with current work, but more than half of them looked for more regular jobs, almost every three even during working hours. But they did not receive many offers, for example, almost 80% of respondents admitted that no other businessman had spoken for the past five years.

Two hours on the road is not a problem

A third of the residents of Zlín Region do not even have a problem traveling to the office for one hour, which is to spend time on the road every day for two hours. For the most part, however, it is optimal for traveling in one direction for a maximum of 30 minutes. A large majority will also like the possibility of taking over the company.

How many minutes are employees willing to work every day in one direction.

Salary is very important for two-thirds of respondents, the second is senior staff and third level. These three things are key and most employees decide to do so. The work itself and the sense of work are important for less than half of the survey participants. According to the driving distance from the place of residence, each third person decides and according to its benefit is approximately every four.

"Our survey is based on the fact that it is less important for employees than who they actually work for, but they are more practical. The names and positions of companies in the market, for example, are less important than whether they work comfortably at work," explained Jan Tuček, director STEM / MARK.

"Even the contribution to public transport is not something very important, on the contrary, more than 82% of respondents would appreciate if employers offer the possibility of collecting companies," Tuček added.

You can see the ranking below for all priority sequences.

List of the most important job criteria according to the Zlín Region

(The percentage in parentheses shows how many employees the category really matters)

1. Salary (66.7%)
2. Boss access (59.2%)
3. Work team (coworkers), good interpersonal relationships (58.8%)
4. Workload, work interest (49.4%)
5. Work sense, feeling of self-realization (46.1%)
6. Working hours, possibility of adjusting or working from home (42.7%)
7. Distance of landing from home (35.5%)
8. Benefits, employee benefits (25.1%)
9. Parking (21.8%)
10. Possibility to improve qualifications, career advancement (20.7%)
11. Work environment (20.1%)
12. Contributions to public transportation (10.1%)
13. Name and position of the company (9.9%)
14. Drinks at work (8.8%)

(other responses are less than 7%)

However, for the same employee, salaries are not as important as five years ago. On the contrary, it is more important for them to have a superior work team and approach.

How important is the work team for employees in the Zlín region

The part of the survey is also intended to evaluate certain employers in the Zlín Region. For this purpose, STEM / MARK chose 35 of the most prominent entrepreneurs according to the number of employees – companies and organizations from all regions were included along with the biggest entrepreneurs from all districts. In the first part, we have compiled a list of the best known companies. Now we have focused on how employers look at people.

The new rating is ROBE lighting and ON Semiconductor

The most suitable company survey emerged as the winner of ROBE lighting, based in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. The second is ON Semiconductor, which has one Czech branch in the same city. The third place was occupied by the Austin Detonator in Vsetin. But, unlike the first two, he is better felt among women than men. From a woman's perspective, she has the best rating from all entrepreneurs in the survey. For men, more than Austin Detonator sympathizes with Barum Continental or the Czech Armory. For generations over 45 years, the city of Kroměříž, Aircraft Industries or HP Tronic stands out.

You can see the ranking below to get the right ranking from all countries.

The best employer rating felt in the Zlín Region

1. ROBE lighting, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
2. IN THE Czech Republic Semiconductors, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm
3. Austin Detonator, Ltd., Vsetin
4. Barum Continental, spol. s ro, Otrokovice
5. Luhacovice Spa
6. Tomas Bata University, Zlin
7. ČESKÁ ZBROJOVKA, Uherský Brod
8. TESCOMA, Zlin
9. Baťa Zlín
10. City of Kroměříž
11. Zlínský kraj
12. Tronic HP, Zlin
13. TON a. S., Bystřice pod Hostýnem
14. Aircraft Industry, A., Kunovice
15. Fatra Napajedla
16. Statue, a. S.
17. Zlín Regional Police Directorate
18. Mitas, A., Otrokovice
19. Vsetínská nemocnice, a. S.
22. Hamé, s., Kunovice
23. Uherskohradišťská nemocnice, a. S.
24. Kroměřížská nemocnice, a. S.
25. MP Krásno, A. Valašské Meziříčí
26. ŽPSV a. S.
27. SLOVAK MACHINES, Uherský Brod
28. Zálesí, A., Luhacovice
29. Tomas Bata Regional Hospital, Zlin
30. Rosa Market s., Kroměříž
31. Gumárny Zubří a. S., Vsetín
32. WOCO STV, Ltd., Vsetin
33. DEZA, Valašské Meziříčí
34. AVX Czech Republic, Ltd., Uherské Hradiště
35. Morava Fremach, s.

The STEM / MARK survey was conducted in October 2018 in a sample representing 503 respondents. The aim is to find out how employees in the Zlín Region are currently approaching their work and how they think about work. The last block of the survey focused on 35 companies and certain organizations whose purpose was to find out their perceptions, not as brands, but as employers. For this purpose, 35 prominent entrepreneurs were selected according to the number of employees, the largest companies and organizations from all regions were included, plus at least six subjects from the four districts.

/ THIRD PARTY RELATIONS / The third final part of the Zlín Region Employee Series, which will be released on November 26, will focus on which benefits are most important and which are more general. For example, a loan that is profitable from an employer will be appreciated by more people than a kindergarten or sports card. Part of the next part of this series will be the new ranking of the most prosperous entrepreneurs in the Zlín Region.

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