Saturday , March 28 2020
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Nora Frederick: Because of StarDance at HOSPITAL!

Moderator Nora Fridrichová hasn't been warm in StarDance for a long time. Maybe for him, the abolition of Saturday was liberation. He ended up in the hospital because of competition!

Nora Frederick joined StarDance with health problems. However, according to Super, after a few months the training began to deteriorate.

It was reported so far that he had to go to the hospital before Saturday. "It's amazing even though I have several medical illnesses that I will treat from now on," he said.

"My leg hurts before I say yes, I can call my doctor, then he says there is no problem, and if we take care of that leg, exercise is a difficult discipline, but I will say if I should just go jogging" I'm better now, "he added.

He also admitted he was in the hospital to be injected because he was very sick. "Now we might finish it," the presenter told Czech Television.

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