Saturday , May 8 2021

Karel Gott is in the hospital

Czechoslovak Radio Radio Concert to Staromestsky NNST – Karel Gott (28 June 2018)

| photo by Yan Renelt,

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Yes, Mr. Gott was hospitalized, without blinking confirmation of information for said by Aneta Stolzov.

Karel Gott underwent a trial at the Public Faculty Hospital in Karlovy Vary, after which he decided to be hospitalized. As a diagnosis of enemies from dchacch lines that threaten tears and plaque.

Lkai Dr. laughs because of weakened immunity in quarantine. There are only selected people and manelka. Gottv management canceled its work program at the end of this week.

He also could not stop hospitalization for the 90th birthday of his colleague Yvette Simonov, to whom he sent a bouquet and letter.

In November 2015, I Kara Gott diagnosed a malignant nodor malignant disease, called Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Gott immediately triggered an oncological feed and removed all of his concerts. After chemotherapy, he was exiled, and the disease completely disappeared.

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