Saturday , June 19 2021

Jiří Pomeje is afraid of his wife Andrea: Tummy in the stomach! –

Divorce George and Andrey Pomey are in full swing. Still, husbands do not practically communicate with each other. And when it's finished, that's what famous DJs say. "Our last communication three days ago was full of lies. He claimed his stomach was in his stomach," he admitted, according to the flickering Andrea Pomega news. Does that mean that George is waiting for another cancer?

"I called my doctor who told me that was not true. He should not blame for any reason. This is emotional extortion. It is his unnecessary attitude and digging in the vacuum. Unfortunately, our communication has shrunk into this spill," Andrea said an unfavorable situation, which this dispute with Jirka must be psychologically exhausted.

Depending on what he has said lately, it seems that he has started acting strange since he discovered that Andrea found him a better and younger substitute in the form of a trusted plumber, Petr Plaček (38). As Andrea told him in a lifetime interview with Life in the Stars, he and Peter did not move from one step to the next. Unless there is an unresolved marriage with George, it can be said that he is finally happy again.

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