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Havlíková is the ninth in SP, Boroš 15th

Tábor – The Fourth World Cycling Championship in Tábor won the European champions and 2015 World Champion of Southwest Mathieu van der Poel from the Netherlands. The best of the Czech representatives, Michael Boroš, reached fifteenth. Pavla Havlíková took ninth place in the women's race, Kateřina Nash reached tenth. Lucinda Brand from the Netherlands has won. Jakub Ťoupalík is the fourth in the junior race.

Van der Poel, thirty-three years old, confirmed his role as a favorite. He has finished second from nine circuits and since then he has gone to the end of the solo race. In the last round, he could lighten a little, and the tenth season was celebrated 14 seconds ahead of Belgium's Michael Vanthourenhoute.

Third Dutchman Lars van der Haar finished third. MS gold hat-trick holder and world champion Wout van Aert missed and finished seventh after the fall.

Boroes regretted that he had not reached the top ten. "I'm not too far away at five, I miss the top ten … I'm glad I'm at least fifteen, but unfortunately the last three three rounds I've been breathing and have to slow down," he said. told Boroš reporters after the second best result of the season at the World Cup.

In the Women's Championship, both experienced Czech and Havloková from the Czech Republic after the first round of five rounds of moves in the top ten but only seconds behind the end. However, Nash was in the second half when he went to the limit, where many drivers had big problems during the first round, slipping and losing many valuable seconds.

From the sixth straight, Nash, who finished at the start of this year's SP series in third Waterloo US, suddenly dropped from the top ten. Finally, he closed it at the finish when Havlíková finished driving the third eighth place.

"Before the race, I would be happy with the tenth, I was a little disappointed at the moment, I was well managed and struggled for the box, I was a little sorry, I repeated, but I lost contact with my forehead. that this is like this, "Havlíková said.

"It's a good race, I didn't advance in the first round, the second came when it was decisive when I was driving in the front group, and there we were stuck there and I couldn't go up there, someone, so I did, but that it's impossible to run, "Nash said.

Brand victory with a five second advantage ahead of Annemarie Worst, another Italian, Alice Maria Arzuffi. Jana Czeczinkarova finished in 16th place.

Among the juniors, three other Czech racers entered the top ten with Jacob Jupalik. The seventh is Jan Zatloukal, followed by Pavel Bittner and Tomáš Ježek, who won bronze in the last SP in Bern. Witse Meeussen won Belgium, the second was a sixteen-year-old son from cross giant Sven Nys Thibau.

The shooter reached the goal just five seconds behind the winner and almost lost third place. "I am satisfied, I have to take fourth place in the World Cup, taking into account race balance, and we have been there for eight minutes," Jupalik said.

In men's competitions under 23 years old, Josef Jelínek finished 12th. When not participating in world champion Eli Iserbyt of Belgium, who did not start because of his health problems, his main favorite was Thomas Thomas Pidcock. Jelinek has a one and a half minute mano for the winner.

Jupiter: I took fourth place in a balanced race

A seventeen-year-old cyclist, Jakub Ťoupalík, used his knowledge of the trajectory on the Tábor, where the World Cup returned after five years and reached fourth place in the junior race. After a very successful appearance, he could only regret the fall in the second half of the race, which made him too much in power. And you miss him in the last fight on the podium.

"I am happy, I really have to take fourth place in the World Cup in terms of how the whole race has been balanced, it's been eight hours for a while, it's a shame for the fall, it's a lot of strength, technique, but I take fourth place." Jupalik said to the reporter.

Adam's 22-year-old brother, who has reached the world bronze medal between juniors (2013) and silver on the twenty-first (2016), was seen throughout the race. Immediately after the start, he advanced and enjoyed excellence. He was caught, but still in the game. The conclusion is Belgium's best Witse Meeussen.

The jump ended just below the podium after Tom Lindner held him behind. At that time, the consequences of the fall may be seen. "I took two rounds in front of the goal in one part of the reel, and little Nijs (Thibau) jumped there, then it was a terrible stretch and there was not much strength," Jupiter said.

Too much energy to return to the head after the fall. "It's hard to say if autumn is really a decisive moment when I'm not three years old, I come here on the road, I'm almost the strongest of the group, I always get it, but it makes me so strong that I just don't have to what to do, "Pius regretted.

Is something different from his point of view in the end? "I want to get my head out of the front, it's definitely better here, but Germany doesn't let me go and it's not where to overtake it, I'm sure I'm strong today, I think it will be a box but what can be done," he added.

Many fans have helped in their struggle on the frozen track when they returned to the race. "They are really great and I thank them," Jupiter said.

Results from World Cup Cycling on the Tábor

Male (26.3 km): 1. Van der Poel (Niz.) 1:02:43, 2. Vanthourenhout (Belgium) -14, 3. Van der Haar (Netherlands) -20, 4. Toon Aerts -39, 5. Hermans – 40, 6. Pauwels (all Belg.) -44, … 15. Boroš -1: 39, 25. A. Ťoupalík -2: 46, 28. Nesvadba -2: 48, 36. Paprstka -3: 25, 43. Malík, 44. Skarnitzl (all CR) both -4: 55.

Continuous SP rating (4 out of 9 races): 1. Toon Aerts 285, 2. Van Aert (Belgium) 258, 3. Hermans 230, 4. Vanthourenhout 195, 5. Van Kessel (Netherlands) 192, 6. Soete (Belgium) 189, … 14. Boroš 140, 32. A. Ťoupalík 52, 46. Nesvadba 34, 66. Paprstka 15, 75. Malík 8, 76. Škarnitzl 7.

Female (14.7 km): 1. Brando 40:19, 2. Worst (both Niz.) -5, 3. Arzuffi (It.) -6, 4. Van Loy (Belgium), 5. Betsema (Niz.) Second -7, 6. Canto (Belgium) -13, … 9. Havlíková -48, 10. Nash -49, 16. Czeczinkarova -1: 20, 37. Ungermanova -3: 15, 39. Mišoňová -3: 34, 41. Bajgerová -3 : 49, 43. Švihálková -4: 44. Janus -4: 20, 46. Vaníčková -4: 48, Vernerova not finished (all Czechs).

Continuous SP rating (4 out of 9 races): 1. Vosová (Niz.) 225 points, 2. Cantová 207, 3. Van Loyová 198, 4. Keoughová (USA) 184, 5. Richardsova (Brit.) 166, 6. Lechnerová (Here.) 161, … 8. Nash 155, 25. Havlíková 84, 35. Czeczinkarová 52, 48. Štěpánová 37, 65. Ungermanová 21, 69. Bajgerová 16.

Men under 23 (20.5 km): 1. Pidcock (Brit.) 51:31, 2. Dorigoni (It.), 3. Benoist (Fr.) Both of them -11, … 12. Jacek -1: 32, 18. Vaníček -2: 08, 19 Kopecký -2: 21, 20. Říman -2: 23, 23. Mayer -3: 24, 24. Tomáš -3: 49, 25. Bakus – 4:04, 26. Hula -4: 19, 27. Kunášek -4: 51, 28. Arlt, 29. Schierl both -4: 54, 36. Bohemia (all CR) -1 round.

Juniors (14.7 km): 1. Meeussen 38:29, 2. Nys (both Belg.) -4, 3. Lindner (Germany), 4. J. Ťoupalík both -5, … 7. Zatloukal -29, 8. Bittner -35, 9 Ježek -42, 13. Sulc -1: 04, 27. No -1: 41, 32. Kučera -1: 57, 34. Daněk -2: 13, 36. J. Hník -2: 24, 38. Camrda -2: 43, 41. Pechout -3: 02, 46. Hladík (all CR) -3: 59.

1:30 p.m., ladies

3:00 pm elite men.





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