Saturday , February 27 2021

Ford Scooter? Maybe we will find them soon in Prague

The new alternative vehicle market is Ford, which has invested $ 100 million in Spin scooters already launched. In a total of 2.2 billion crowns, Ford has an electric scooter-sharing company, which is very booming in the United States, and Spin has successfully operated in nine cities and five university campuses throughout the United States.

The Spin scooter project was only a few months ago with plans to provide services in more than 60 markets. It is precisely the support (and especially finance) of Ford that should help disseminate services outside the United States. One of the continents where Spin projects want to go also Europe, and a little luck we will see this scooter in Prague itself.


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For Ford, this is one of the many steps he does not want to miss from the future opportunities. Electric scooters will then be equipped with Ford GoBike sharing wheels that have been inaugurated by car manufacturers in the past, and all of these joint projects go hand in hand with the development of self-steering vehicles that Ford is also working on.

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This economy and interest in non-traditional transportation facilities is different from the United States, and it will be interesting to follow the future of these projects. The entry into the Czech market has been tried by Lime's competitive project, which also deals with a shared electric scooter that arrived in Prague at the end of last month.

However, scooters were not welcomed very kindly, but they still handled the problem, according to City Hall, their operation was dangerous and endangered Prague residents and visitors. And what do you think? Do you consider this resource to be a suitable complement for urban transportation or do you think it is dangerous and inappropriate? We will be happy to inform you of your comments in the comments.

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