Tuesday , July 27 2021

Doctor Zlin warned against using antibiotics Zlin.cz too often

ZLIN – Due to the increased risk of bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, doctors remember the European Antibiotic Day on November 18. At Zlin hospital, because of the problem of excessive use of antibiotics, the committee for infection prevention and control was established, Zlin.cz reported Dana Lipovská Hospital Spokesperson for the Zlín Region.

European countries, including the Czech Republic, implement national programs and projects that have a positive impact on reducing excessive use of antibiotics. Hospitals in the Zlin region have established antibiotic centers that provide consultation not only to doctors on the ward, but also to practitioners and practitioners. "Antibiotics are an integral part of the care of many patients in health care facilities. For each patient we consider their use individually and rationally. However, resistance of bacterial strains to some commonly used antibiotics is still increasing, unfortunately, the reality that we all realize. This is why why we recently formed a commission for infection prevention and control at Zlin Hospital, "said Dr. Josef Macko, Deputy of Medical Care and Head of the New Department of KNTB.

The State Institute of Drug Control also draws attention to the basic rules for the use of antibiotics to achieve optimal efficacy:

• antibiotics must be used only if needed
• patients may only take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor for the treatment given
• the duration of administration of antibiotics must be respected, i.e. even after symptoms disappear
• The dosage size and dose interval must be followed, including other recommendations on the administration route
• In general, you should always read the package brochure

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