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Chocolate without added sugar? Switzerland patented new technology –

Nesting with 70% chocolate and without an additional sugar formula, Kitkat will start selling this fall in Japan this fall. Cocoa beans have not been used in chocolate and most have been discarded.

As stated by Alexander von Maillot of Nestle, the company can produce milk and white chocolate without sugar in the same way in the future. Nestlé comes with innovation when demand for healthier food and beverages increases.

The new KitKat blade with 70 percent chocolate will have 40 percent lower sugar than similar sugar blades. Until now, one KitKat package has 12.3 grams of sugar. Nestlé plans to use new technology in other countries and other products next year.

Nestlé manufactures Nescafé and Nespresso coffee, KitKat chocolate, Nesquik cereal, Maggi spice mixtures, and Purin Pro Pro and Friskies pet foods. In the Czech Republic it belongs to the Nestlé Zora Olomouc and Sfinx Holešov factory groups with the brand Orion, Segel Pelajar, Margot, Kofila, Bon Pari, Jojo and Lentilky.

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