Saturday , October 23 2021

Bomb Transfer: Tomáš kaepka went to Slovácko. I like this region, he said


Most fans consider this a joke, but the leadership of the futsalis of Uherske Hradiste takes it very seriously. Newcomers to the league are working with Tomas Repa. The former soccer representative and first rebel was in an interesting Friday fight with Prague Slavi.

"I have never played Futsal before, but I think I can do it. And thanks to the fact that we only play slaves, I look forward to it. I want fans to come in large numbers," invited surprise fans to the audience and sounded Bazooky.

Repek's arrival at Slovácko was completely cracked. The surprise is also the player Uherské Hradiště.

"This is very simple. I know Svanci, who likes similar football. So we talked about this opportunity. I like this area, especially Uherské Hradiště, so I want to try it," said kaepka.

Both the opponent and the audience must have something to look forward to.

"This is a gift and thanks to our loyal Bazooka Corps fans who support our children in every game. And, of course, for our players, who will have the opportunity to play with legends," said Moravian club head František Moric.

The Bazookas from former excellent defender Sparta, Fiorentina or West Ham United have registered in the past in the league. So far, it is not entirely certain whether the 43-year rape will appear on the board, but the leadership of the Uherské Hradiště team did their best.

"We are very confident that it will be good," Moric said.

Bazooka's involvement with the four-time league champion, who has been known for several affairs at the end of his active career, said of his concern. Rape, however, Bazooky T-shirts aren't just dressed for fun. The first appearance of a former Spartan has a charity subtext.

"His shirts, like Peter Svancary, will be auctioned before Christmas. We dedicate the results of this event to good things. And to maintain our actions well, we have just chosen a match against Slavs," Moric explained.

Futsalis from Uherské Hradiště was also trained by Roman Haša striker this week. Snooker from Slovácko, who ran in Slovakia in Skalica in the second round, didn't know yet whether the team would assist in the championship match.

"Nothing is certain yet. We have agreed with Mr. Hasty that I will try. Let's see how this will end," Haša added.

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