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A violent attack, I will risk my life for my children, Babis said in Palermo –

2:00 p.m.This case is considered strange for journalists, and there is no obstacle to investigation. According to him, journalists tried to disrupt the political situation in the Czech Republic with disgusting attacks on their children.

13:58 – Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) has spoken outside Sicily about the current case. He did not know he had to comment on the health of his children.

"I am willing to give up my life for my children," Babis said.

According to him, this is a scenario that was prepared to get him out of politics.

1:50 p.m. – Minister of Environment Richard Brabec (ANO) and YOY Member Chair Jaroslav Faltýnek defended Babis in a press conference at the Chamber of Deputies. Faltýnek reaffirmed that Cape Hat's Nest was artificially made.

"It is clear that the opposition politicizes the problem and puts pressure on law enforcement," Brabec said.

Report to the server The list of messages that come with information has been described as a wrong journalistic work. "When someone shoots without the awareness of a disobedient man. It is Hyenism. This is something that is over," Brabec said.

Faltýnek said it only discredited Babis. "We split out of the club, with everyone standing behind our chairman," Faltýek said.

13:38 – The majority of all deputies, 101. The opposition party has 92 seats at all. The key is the sound of CSSD and KSCM, which tolerates the government.

Representatives from the opposition announced an extraordinary meeting from the Chamber of Deputies

Representatives from the opposition announced an extraordinary meeting from the Chamber of Deputies

PHOTO: Petr Horník, Právo

13:33 "The fact that we stand here united above the point of view shows one thing. The situation is very serious, this is not a match between the opposition and the government," said Fiala.

13:25ODS, Pirates, SPD, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and STAN asked Andrej Babiš to leave the post of prime minister until the case of Čepi Nest. The parties submitted a motion for a vote of no confidence in the government, ODI chief Petr Fiala announced.

Opposition parties urged Prime Minister Babis to resign.

13:20 – The opposition agreed to trigger a vote of no confidence in the government. According to the Rules of Procedure, a vote of no confidence can be submitted to the government in writing by at least 50 Members. To discuss such a proposal, the chairperson must immediately hold a meeting of the House of Representatives.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis on Tuesday in Palermo, Italy

Prime Minister Andrej Babis on Tuesday in Palermo, Italy.

PHOTO: Antonio Calanni, CTK / AP

1:05 p.m. – The Pirates will also choose not to believe. They announced it at a press conference.

Pirates Press Conference

13:01 – Yvo Vondrák, head of the Moravian-Silesia Region, reacts to YES. "This is a new thing for me and I am waiting for facts and explanations about what is right and what is not. So I am waiting for an explanation," he said. "That might be true, but it could also be extraordinary. I believe that law enforcement authorities will investigate," he added.

12:50 – The SPD movement will choose government distrust. "If there will be a vote of no confidence in this government, we will choose distrust," Radim Fiala, head of the SPD, said.

12:26 – Communists want to hear the first explanation in person. "We consider everything to be very serious if it is the way presented to the media," said KSCM MP Pavel Kováčik. The Communists then decided whether it would be beneficial to continue to tolerate the government.

CSSD Press Conference.

12:10 – Head of Soc. Dem, Minister of Home Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamacek said the situation was serious. "We will and will deal with this situation, I will relate to the Prime Minister, tomorrow the coalition will be held. We will demand clearer and more concrete answers," Hamacek said.

He did not rule out that CSSD could leave the coalition. "I cannot rule out any steps, I cannot predict what will happen to the coalition government. The Prime Minister must clearly answer," Hamacek said.

CSSD, according to him, at this stage of negotiation "cannot rule out any alternative". "We are talking about a different scenario," Hamacek added, referring to a parliamentary club meeting.

KDU-ČSL press conference.

11:48 – According to the people, this case must be handled by a parliamentary committee, and an investigation commission can also arise. "If some question marks are not adequately explained, there is room for extraordinary meetings and motions to trust the government," said KDU-ČSL head Pavel Bělobrádek.

11:28 – Diana Protopopova, a doctor and representative from Praha 8, announced that she had resigned from the deputy mandate. He chose to do so based on reports of Prime Minister Andrei Babiš's son, whom he wrote about health reports. *** N. told about that

TOP 09 Press Conference.

11:27 – According to Pospíšil, this is one of the worst cases that has hit the country since 1989.

11:20 – TOP 09 asked Prime Minister Babis to resign. "We urge Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to take personal responsibility from all cases to preserve the credibility of the Czech Republic and to maintain citizen trust in the rule of law," said Jiri Pospisil's head.

If that does not happen, CSSD must take a clear and uncompromising view according to TOP 09. If Babi does not resign, the Social Democrats must leave the government.

STAN Press Conference.

11:07 – First Deputy Chair of STAN Vít Rakušan said that the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Prosecutor's Office and the police are now on the move. It must be clear why Babiš junior was held in the Crimea.

"Throughout this atmosphere, we want to hear from the police and the prosecutor's office that there is no pressure here that Cape Hat's nest is heading towards a predetermined conclusion," Austria said. The Mayors support the implementation of the Security Committee, which, according to them, must mainly deal with the situation.

11:00 – Press conference held at the Chamber of Deputies in the Chamber of Deputies.

10:35 – The Chairperson of the Deputy of the People, Jan Bartošek, will demand the calling of the Chamber of Deputies. "How journalists are more successful in their search than they are Czech Republic Police. I will call for the calling of the CR PSP Security Committee with the participation of the police and the secret police chief to explain all the problems, "he said on Twitter.

10:10 – Chief Prosecutor Pavel Zeman started the Public Prosecutor's Office in Prague to investigate suspicions that Andrej Babiš could be deprived of his personal freedom or kidnapped. The statement of the Office of the Supreme Public Prosecutor, Petr Malý, states that "the examination of complaints will no doubt not occur without the interrogation of Mr Babiš mladší". [celá zpráva]

10:05 – The Institute for National Mental Health (NUDZ) will examine information that according to him a nurse husband who works at NUDZ brings Crimea to the son of Prime Minister Andrew. Apparently against his wishes.

10:04 KSM MP Jiri Dolejs commented on Monday night that, in addition to "several anti-bribery protests in Prague", most people waited, because they did not want "Liza" to get the right that would "limit wages and signify benefits".

10:03 – President Milos Zeman will meet with Prime Minister Andrej Babiš on Lány next Monday.

According to the president's spokesperson, Jiří Ovčáček, this would be an opportunity to debate even topical issues.

9:47ODI Chair Petr Fiala called out the talks of the opposition, except for the Communists. Half of one must be in the office with representatives from the Pirates, SPD, KDU-ČSL, STAN and TOP 09.

Initially, it was not called SPD. "I called President Fiala and I recommended that if he wanted to have something real, he needed 101 votes and I recommended him to invite Communists and SPD there," commented the Pirate Chief Ivan Bartoš. "All sides must catch the nose," he added.

9:42 – Bartos (Pirates) Novinka said the findings were serious. "This is not desirable for the development of the Czech Republic, it is a fundamental problem and Andrej Babiš must explain it," Bartoš said.

9:40 – The police will handle the statement of the son of Prime Minister Babis Andrei Babis Jr. about the fact that his father's people detained him in the Crimea. He will talk to the report writer, where the information is heard.

9:32 – Pirate Boss Ivan Bartos on Facebook writes that he must explain the prime minister not only to the Chamber of Deputies, but also to people. "I hope he faces it. Personally, in me, the incident triggers, besides certain horror, a number of fears. Where are the boundaries where people can go when the castle is watered," Bartoš said

9:15 – Prime Minister Andrej Babiš says his son has a mental disorder and heals himself. I got the news on the sms report that no kidnapping occurred. He recalled that the police had come to the conclusion that the kidnapping in Crimea had never occurred. [celá zpráva]

9:14 – "We consider the situation serious and we will deal with other democratic parties. We consider this a failure of the police," Petr Gazdík, head of STAN, told Novinka.

9:10 – Hamacek told Tuesday that Novinka had raised a number of questions. "There is a need for the Prime Minister to respond to these findings, we have many questions," he said.

Asked whether CSSD left the government, if the information was correct, he would not answer. "I don't want to speculate. The Prime Minister's opinion is key," he said.

He added that as interior minister he would ask the police to explain some circumstances. "As Minister of Home Affairs, I will take a few steps," he said.

8:59 – On older billboards from the YES campaign show the head of the STAN Petr Gazdík movement. Babiš posed with former Foreign and Defense Minister Martin Stropnický and next to them was the inscription: "So that children are not ashamed of us."

8:55 – TOP 09 Chair Miroslav Kalousek told Novinka that opposition parties in the Democratic Party should advise on further progress. According to him, extraordinary meetings, the establishment of an inquiry commission or a vote of no confidence in the government were considered.

"The Deputy Chamber, which the government is responsible for, cannot remain silent. This is a new dimension in Czech politics, where so far the gangster method has not emerged until now. This is shocking and unacceptable," Kalousek said.

8:52 – Former Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Chairperson of the People's Republic of China, Marian Jurečka, talked about voting for mistrust. "Tomorrow, I will propose to the Bureau and the House of Representatives to call for a vote of no confidence in this government. I hope that, given the seriousness of the situation, this will be supported and even other political parties will support this and CSSD will be awakened," Jurečka wrote on Twitter Monday night.

He added that some people made politics dirty. "But if someone swears by the life and health of their children, and then their son does not want to be in the Czech Republic, he is truly disgusting," he reminded Babias' oath.

8:50 – ODS boss Petra Fial was surprised that the police could not get the testimony of a man who was eventually found and confused by two journalists within two years.

This report is reported by the Message List server. According to him, Baby's coworkers took his son to Crimea and held him there. The man lives in Switzerland with his mother, the prime minister's first wife. [celá zpráva]

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