The Colombian government demands ELN's release


High Commissioner for Peace in Colombia, Miguel Ceballos, demanded the National Liberation Army (ELN), rescinded the trader, Diana Toro, who was abducted by the Antioch class guerilla and other powers of the guerrilla.

Ceballos accompanied the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, who had held a workshop in Quibdo, a capital of Choco, where he heard the needs of one of the poorest Colombian population.

"Mrs. Toro was kidnapped in Amaga, Antioquia County, and we know she is in Choco, Eln's hand. And we demand her release and all hostages," Ceballos said from his office.

The trader was abducted on 27 September and, according to the information available to security agencies, is in the hands of the northwestern front of ELN.

The Commissioner also stated that Toro was abducted for extortion by the authorities and added that recent cases demonstrate that ELN continues to condemn international humanitarian law, such as the recruitment of minors.

"Two weeks ago, the Army Task Force Titan at the Choco Department suffered eight people who were in power of ELN, six of whom were minors," Ceballos added.

Duque conditioned the future of the peace dialogue between the government and the ELN, so that this guerrilla would liberate the abducted and to stop the offenses

These negotiations began in Ecuador with President Juan Manuel Santos on 7 February last year and has been the seat of Havana since May.

Duke announced the catches

In Quibdo, the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, announced that the public forces were able to occupy the pseudonym "El Morado" who was a gang specializing in blackmail at Choco, and "Simon" the heads of the fifth clan of the country.

Duke said that the band "El Morado" had been extradited and worked in handicrafts with the name "Otoniel" and the Clay Clan.

The president added that security forces "fulfill the security agenda in the country".


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