Rodriguez thanked Russia for supporting the economic program against American sanctions


Caracas.- Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez, highlighted Russia's support for the so-called Recovery, Growth and Economic Wellbeing Program, which the National Council faces "against sanctions against the United States and European Union countries. Venezuelan government

"We thank our brother, Russia, for supporting President Nicolas Maduro's economic recovery, growth and prosperity program to protect the Venezuelan people against imperial economic aggression!" Petro is the fundamental axis of the economic revolution! "Rodríguez wrote this Friday. The social network Twitter.

Last Monday the Vice President met with an expert delegation and economic advisers from Russia.

This week, he also met with representatives of the Chinese Development Bank to "strengthen" the economic program, AVN reported.

yesterday, John Bolton, US National Security Adviser to Donald Trump, announced new sanctions against Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, warning the governments of the three countries to "the Troika of Tyranny. "

In that sense, it meant that Trump had signed a decree prohibiting American citizens from trading in gold exported from Venezuela.


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