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Will Pablo Escobar's brother sue Elon Musk for stealing inventions?

Roberto Escobar, Pablo Escobar's brother, said that the founders of Tesla and SpaceX stole the idea.

Roberto Escobar, known as "El Osito", promised to be a source of new controversy. Pablo Escobar's brother convinced a millionaire's request to claim the rights of his brother's name, amid controversies about series such as Narcos, from Netflix.

Roberto owns Escobar Inc., a company that claims to be the owner of the trademark "Pablo Escobar" trademark. Its operational director, Daniel Reitberg, assured the portal that he won a $ 3 million dispute over the domain

This site, according to Reitberg, will function to sell products and merchandise under the name of the Medellin Cartel boss. Among them were flamethrowers, according to the company, plagiarized by Elon Musk. For this reason, Escobar Inc. will file a million-dollar lawsuit against the founder of the electric vehicle Tesla and the SpaceX space company.

According to the portal Gizmodo, an engineer from The Boring Company, owned by Musk, visited the complex of Pablo Escobar's brother in Medellin in 2017. There he saw a prototype of the flamethrower that Escobar Inc. sold. by online. The Boring Company presented its own flamethrower months later.

Flamethrower Musk raised millions of dollars in his early days. But Pablo Escobar's brother and company will try to sue him for plagiarism. "Elon Musk will fall soon, we are preparing several giant cases against him," said Reitberg. He added that they would present "innovative technology" that would end even with giant Apple.

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