Unwittingly, they slept in horror: he hid his family who died slowly and bleeding


Fredy Alexander Cañas Conde did not rise to the loud call of one of his sons on Sunday morning. Unwittingly, they sleep with & # 39; Parca & # 39; inside a house in the neighborhood of Santa Martha Pamplona, ​​north of Santander.

It was 10:00 a.m. when the warning of death quietly depicted the worst picture: Cañas Conde's wife found that her lover had a knife wound on her chest, which at first did not endanger her life, but it was a little bit by bit she killed her.

Only at that time, Fredy Alexander, who was still alive, said that he had been stabbed and beaten, in what is now a robbery. Feeling hopeless, and with just a drop of blood on the blanket, as the victim's sister said, she was transferred to the local relief center, where she arrived dying, and breathed her last breath.

Apparently, the man drank alcoholic drinks the night before his death, and arrived around 6am on Sunday at home, injured and hiding from his family what happened. "He was pale and told his wife that he had no breath to get up. When he examined the wound, he saw something small," said the victim's sister.

Medical reports show that the stab that the Cañas received pierced the lungs. Relatives claimed that he arrived home without papers and without one of his tools, which they thought was killed in the midst of an attack. They knew this because before they went looking for it at 9 pm on Saturday night and 3:00 on Sunday morning to go to his house, received a negative response.

For now the authorities assume that men, well-known instructors of martial arts bands, jobs that alternate with construction, are attacked by someone who knows perfectly. However, Norte de Santander Police, together with the Prosecutor's Office, will take over the case and will be responsible for clarifying what happened.


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