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This is how the new Avianca tariff scheme – Company – Economy

In finding better options for clients, but also trying to strengthen its operating income, Avianca Holdings can launch a new tariff scheme that will no longer cover all services in ticket costs, but, depending on the traveler's profile and / if necessary, you can choose among the five tariff bands, where you will have the option to choose which services and benefits you will pay.

And, for example, when a traveler comes and goes on the same day he only has a handbag, but with the current scheme the rate includes benefits, which he does not enjoy.

Therefore, to make tariffs tailored to clients, and to join the worldwide trends that have been present in Colombia since 2017 with Latam Airlines, the company set the following tariff band scheme, under the concept of size.

  • SIZE S. It is designed for passengers traveling with light and need basic attributes. It offers the lowest and competitive prices. This includes handbags up to 10 kilograms and 25 percent of the distance traveled. For the remaining benefits you have to pay.

  • SIZE M. This is a combination of price and good benefits. Including a handbag, a 23-kilo bag in the waiting room and an election chair. Accumulated 100% of the distance traveled. You pay the remaining benefits.

  • SIZE L. Prioritize the benefits, because in addition to a handbag, you can travel with 2 suitcases up to 23 kilograms, choice seats with more space in the Economy Plus belt and reserved luggage racks. This allows changes to travel plans, refunds, has preferential boarding, continued flights at the airport and provides 150% of trip mileage. The only additional payment you have is access to the VIP lounge.

  • SIZE XL This is the first strip of executive class. This allows hand luggage, two suitcases that can hold up to 32 kilograms, has a special dormitory, VIP room and a 150 percent grant of mileage traveled. Services not included that you must pay are schedule changes, refunds, and flight advance at the airport.

  • SIZE XXL. Designed to travel without complications. A traveler can carry a handbag, two suitcases up to 32 kilograms, choose a seat, receive special board services, VIP rooms, change travel plans, receive refunds, have preferential boarding, change schedules, advance flight and receive up to 200 percent of the distance traveled .

According to Executive Vice President Avianca Holdings, Silvia Mosquera, it is trying to analyze whether they are launching a promotional measure, at a very low rate, called the XS, which will have no related and non-permanent benefits. This is only for certain seasons and is outside the current structure.


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