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They found new ways to kill crime-carrying mosquitoes

Scientists say they almost completely eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes on two islands in China using new techniques, but it is not clear whether this will be practical for large areas or how expensive it is.

In the experiment, the researchers focused on Asian tiger mosquitoes, invasive white-striped insects that can spread dengue fever, zika and other diseases. They use a new technique that combines radiation exposure and infects them with bacteria.

For 18 weeks in 2016 and 2017, male mosquitoes were released on two small islands near Guangzhou, China, the area affected by dengue fever.

The number of female mosquitoes responsible for the spread of the disease dropped 83% to 94% every year, the same results as those achieved by other methods, such as spraying insecticides or using genetically engineered mosquitoes.

This finding appeared on Wednesday in the special magazine Nature.

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