The new Transmilenio fleet will be half a diesel


Although the SI2018 (one of the gas buses) remained among the three recommended three contracts, the two largest batches were Bogotá Móvil Provision and the majority structure (diesel-powered vehicle operator). The American continents were declared abandoned.

The new Transmilenio fleet is in the first and second The contract for the acquisition and operation of the plant was finalized, for which six contracts were concluded corresponding to the lots in which the vehicles were stored. On the long day of negotiations, three new gas and diesel vehicles were won, while one contract was declared null and void.

SI2018 (gas boiler operator) has obtained three of the six contracts offered. Those that suit a lot Suba, Calle 80 and Norte, while Bogotá Móvil (Diesel) a Tunali and plural structures of Mc Masivo-Baquero Torres (Diesel) a Usme.

As the americas the bidding was declared null and void, considering that the two bidders would have no operational capacity and the others were rejected when revising artificially high and low prices.

In summary, every new buses on Transmilenio will have three gases, while half of those running will be diesel.

The purchase of electric buses had to be banned because of the conclusion of contracts with American and Usme containers, so he competed only on the Suba bargaining in the Si2018 hand.

A total of 1442 new buses arrive in the city of Transmilenio I and II. In its phase, 458 of which will be compiled and 925 bi-articulated, bought at $ 3.5 billion.

Each of the six contracts consists of a few companies, one responsible for providing new vehicles and another responsible for its operation, while each item consists of a different number of buses. There will be 250 buses on the continent on the continent; on the 80th, 107th street; the North 229; Suba, 125; the Tunal, the 422 and the Usme, 250.


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