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WhatsApp doesn't stop updating and every week there are new things related to its operation. But in the last few weeks the number of new features that fit right without realizing it and is one of the best features.

News related to applications has recently revolved around its function for "Holiday mode", changes in contextual menus, merging stickers or, above all, placing ads between messages that we cannot avoid.

But between such updates there is a very useful and practical function that almost no one sees. This is related to how we respond to messages from others and simplifies the way we chat.

The new function allows users to answer others simply by sliding their finger to the right on the message to be answered. Simple and useful is a new swipe option that makes us ensure that we respond to certain parts of the message in a WhatsApp conversation.

This type of action is very common in iPhone applications – this is a way to answer messages on Telegram for some time – and that functionality is already available on Apple phones.

Now the good news is that it is available for Android users. To test it, we must ensure that the application is updated to version 2.18.300. After the application is reinstalled and if possible slide your finger on the message and the response is very easy.

Options for responding are still available if you put your finger on the message and keep pressing until the menu appears – which in other updates is updated and displayed vertically – with the possibility of forwarding, highlighting, copying, etc. However, for many users, it's easy to get used to swipe and answer questions quickly or comment on certain messages in a conversation.

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