Saturday , July 24 2021

That did not reduce tension in the country: truck drivers announced that they would stop next Friday

After more than four hours of meetings at the Manizales Transportation Terminal, the leaders of different trucking companies confirmed that they would go to the national strike, and that the termination of activities would begin at midnight on Friday, November 23, and without limits. .

They total 68 votes in favor, seven against and one empty, with which union representatives announce strikes, citing current difficulties to work and the environment in which they are with the National Government. They claim to be tired of the dialogue table, administrative actions, decisions and resolutions that ultimately did not resolve the problems they faced for several years.

As indicated by Felipe Muñoz Monroy, ATC leader, there is a lack of intention and political effectiveness to seek consensual solutions to the problem, and that shows that both the Ministry and the Port Superintendent and Transportation did not take the action offered. solution for guilds.

"There is a solution that does not require money, but political will and does not move forward. These problems are vehicles that are not properly registered that work unfairly in the market, the working conditions of the driver, among others. This is a matter of wanting to carry out immediate execution , "Muñoz said.

According to him, this is the total responsibility of the Government, which also has much to do with detention because of lack of effectiveness, arguing that "it seems that the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, is not communicating with the minister or his team.

"It seems they are bringing truck drivers to immobilization. We are in a serious situation and they are going up to fuel and tolls. It seems that the ministerial council is not talking to each other and is not understanding the socio-economic situation of the transportation sector," he said.

Another problem that arises from guilds, at the moment, is the graph of freights, scrap and VAT that the Government will charge for cargo workers. For them, the only way out of these points is for them to listen to their proposals.

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