Saturday , October 23 2021

Super Mario Odyssey accepts costumes from Santa Claus and 8-bit styles


Do you want to play Super Mario Odyseey but do you feel that the classic Mario suit is not suitable for this season? Don't worry, because Nintendo thinks of you. This game received an update on November 21 which included two new costumes for Mario, one of which was designed for vacation.

If we go through the Crazy Cap shop, we will find to sell Santa Claus suits and hats (Santa Claus, San Nicolás, Father Christmas, whatever you want to call them). Covering your head with your iconic hat will cost 500 coins, while the suit will cost 1000 coins.

But that is not the only new thing we will find in that shop. There will also be an 8-bit suit that recalls Mario's nostalgic appearance in his first adventure rescuing Princess in 1985. The nature of 3-D from this see make it look exactly like Amamiibo which was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this character. Of course, if they want this strange outfit they have to issue 9999 coins. We hope you save them.

This is really good news that Nintendo continues to update Super Mario Odyssey even though it has been more than a year since it was launched. This gives us a good reason to return to this great game.

Super Mario Odyssey has a new suit suitable for Halloween

Via: Nintendo Wire

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