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Solar roof: What is the energy savings at home?

How much does it cost? Can I cover all my home consumption with this energy? Can I use it at night? Don't I have to pay more for energy bills? These and other questions are the ones most frequently asked by people who are interested in installing solar panels in their homes.

The first thing to take into account, explained Carolina vlvarez, leader of product development for Celsia's home, is that the house has a surface that is large enough for the installation of solar panels. "Not all houses are suitable to install," he explained.

In addition, the roof material must be suitable for the installation of panels as well as concrete, because the weight of each panel is around 20 kilos which is added to the supporting structure.

Executives say that when it comes to apartment buildings there are several possibilities, one is that authorization is received from joint ownership to install panels on the roof of the building and the other, which are located on the same front.

Consumption evaluation

Cercar Energy's operations manager, Hernán Charris, said that before providing solar or photovoltaic solution services, the company carried out, among other things, an analysis of household energy consumption, which would determine how many panels were needed.

At higher consumption, it will be necessary to work with more panels. Savings in energy bills can increase from 30% to 50% of monthly consumption, according to each case.

"This system is recommended for homes that have AC for a long period of time," he added.

The estimated cost of assembling all infrastructure and equipment is around $ 23 million, but can vary depending on the installation and its characteristics.

The useful life of the equipment can be around 20 or 30 years. On the Caribbean Coast in general and in Barranquilla, equipment is installed with special protection against strong breezes and other environmental elements. In any case maintenance needs to be done as often as possible.

Cercar Energy's manager stated that this system was designed to achieve savings in billing, but not as a backup system when services were suspended.

How does it work

The sales director of China's multinational Yingli Solar, Ramiro Ruiz, stressed that solar power plants with panels at home not only represent significant savings in the cost of monthly electricity bills, but also contribute to environmental protection. .

"Housing solutions are similar to large-scale ones, but the simplified reality is that they are modular solutions that are tailored to the amount of energy produced," he said.

This shows that as technology is better used, it will be more efficient and will require less space to produce more energy. "Solar energy is no different from conventional energy, what happens is that it is produced differently. The energy they use in their equipment is the same," he explained.

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