Save miners at Cundinamarca


Authorities in the department Cundinamarca reported that three miners had been trapped in a drainage hole in the municipality Language.

This is about Carlos Gómez, Germán Rodríguez and José Cruz, which is sought by officials National Mining Agency (ANM) and unit National Army, Ubaté firefighters and local authorities.

Catalina Gheorghe, mining rescue manager from ANM, indicating that they were more than 22 hours of work without interruption, after the emergency was reported this Friday.

"These people are referred to to the health center for their respective medical assessments, even though we can already say that they are out of danger, "Gheorghe said convincingly.

This mine accident originated from several landslides presented in the area, where they initially do work to remove material with a yellow machine, to verify the scope of the emergency.

Municipal authorities ensure that search tasks are not stopped all night and miners always communicate constantly with the rescue team.

One work that makes it possible to preserve the lives of miners is installation ventilation hose, where they are also hydrated with panela water.


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