Photos of the blockade in Bogotá for demonstrations – Bogotá



At present, twelve TransMilenio stations remain closed as a result of student marches which have caused chaos.


Alcalá Station, Prado, Calle 127, Calle 106, Calle 100, Virrey, Héroes, and Calle 85 are closed on the North Highway.

In addition, around 5,000 people who passed the NQS arrived on 92 roads, blocking mixed and exclusive routes. Therefore, if it comes from the north, it will arrive at Transmilenio to Alcála, and if it comes from the south, it will reach 76th Street. Other stations are affected.


It is recommended to take an alternative route and avoid going to the city center in the next few hours, because the parade's meeting point is the Plaza de Bolívar.


During mobilization there were acts of vandalism against bank branches. In addition, for the second time, demonstrators attacked the RCN Radio facility with paintings and stones, in a confrontation a police officer guarding the building was injured after being attacked with fire, however, he was not injured. gravity


Mayor Enrique Peñalosa refers to the events that took place during the demonstration.


"The acts of violence and vandalism that caused several people yesterday and today, which involved the destruction of public facilities, attacks on police, journalists, the TransMilenio blockade, which meant that hundreds of people could not go home with their families and children, attacks journalists and police with Molotov cocktails only cowardice, "said the president.


The blockade forced TransMilenio users to get out of articulation on road 72 with Caracas.


Some students continued to march to the bridge on 100th Street in Bogotá, where they planned to install a canvas with a message.

Chaos in Autonorte by the concentration of demonstrators, a situation that recurs at another point.

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