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Medical students in Montería receive 14 stabbed | UNIVERSAL

At the Monteria clinic, life and death were debated by Jair Alexander Palacio Mosquera, a medical student at the University of Sinú, who was allegedly stabbed by a friend whom he invited to give to his residence, located in the crowded Robinson sector. Pitalúa, south of the city.

The young man, who came from Carepa, Antioquia, received 14 stabs in various parts of the body. The neighbors said they heard the cry for help in the early hours of the morning and therefore ran to the student apartment to move him to the care center.

People who shout, they explain, will become aggressors, indicating that they have tried to rob them. However, the version was later rejected by the authorities, who indicated Martín Castañeda as a possible attacker.

They said that at the time of the incident, the suspect was wearing shorts and a sweater owned by medical students, but when searching for evidence in the apartment, they found Martin's bloody clothes with their documents in his pants pocket.

Neighbors showed the authorities that at the time they were not suspicious that the same person who was asking for help would be responsible for the incident, otherwise they would have tied him up in the same place. Its whereabouts are unknown today.

The version handled by the Metropolitan Police is that the student invited Martin Castañeda to eat at his house and that he had to leave him alone to turn, but when he returned, he realized that he needed some things and when he tried to claim it, the culprit pounced and stabbed him several times. . Then he asked neighbors for help.

Residents of the place said that Jair had lived in the apartment for two years and that he never knew there was a problem. He is described as a serious and responsible student and says he does not know the friend he is talking to, although they warn that he lives in the Cantaclaro neighborhood, a former invasion.

At three o'clock in the morning, students enter the emergency room and doctors have been struggling to save their lives since, because one of the wounds pierced his lungs and it put him in serious health.

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