Luis Manuel Seijas talks about the defeat of Santa Fe with Junior at Sudamericana South American Cup


Independiente Santa Fe committed its aspiration to qualify for the second time in its history to the Copa Sudamericana final, losing Thursday to 0-2 against Junior of Barranquilla, in the first leg of the semi-final which was played at El Campín stadium. Cardinals have a "to be forgotten" game, as Luis Manuel Seijas said. The Venezuelan midfielder accepted his team's shortcomings and accepted that his opponents were superior from start to finish.

"We have to be very honest and sincere: Junior beat us on all fronts and we can't ward off their games. They play good games and we don't have any alignment in defense or attack; it costs being one block, we press sporadically and one, and it made things easier for the opponent. It was a game to forget, where we won well, "Seijas said, looking affected by the results.

The & # 39; 20 & # 39; of the redheads accepting that "one from the beginning already felt that we were neither good in defense or attack. Their second goal killed us, because we didn't expect it and because the difference became more complicated". In addition, he asked "an apology to people, because it wasn't the picture we wanted to give, but 90 minutes were gone and I had no doubt that we had to overcome it."

And even though Junior closes the key in Barranquilla, Luis Manuel, and his colleagues, have confidence that you can think of a miracle. "I hope they feel the winner, that they feel they are already there, because they need the second match and they have to play it. My faith in the group is intact, because it has shown resilience and commitment, so we will be with a mission to get results and I hope that will happen, "he said.

Seijas added that it was "very difficult" to lose at home. "Personally I am sad, it is a dagger to the heart of this defeat. But we still have one match left in Suramericana and in the league we have a classic match where we have to try to win in order to achieve qualification."

Thus, Santa Fe had been thinking in the classic against Millionaires in the last date of the League, where they were looking for a victory to dream of by classifying to the final quarter. "We have to go through a duel and have worked on millionaires, we are used to moments like this and the greatest experience must come out to arouse the spirit of the group to prepare the classics in the best way possible," he said. cardinal reference.


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