Saturday , May 8 2021

Hurricane Markle, that's what they call the Duchess of Sussex in the palace

Under that sweet smile and good manners it hides a woman with clear character and ideas.

At least those sources close to Meghan Markle say who shared their day with him in the famous Kensington Palace.

It was the Daily Mail itself that echoed the strong character of the Duchess of Sussex they had known from inside the door as & # 39; storm & # 39 ;. But this doesn't have to be always bad, more than with his personality, a loving nickname must be done in a way of life and facing it every day.

According to these sources, Meghan woke up at 5am, even though her hopes were good, prospective mothers had the energy to get up early this morning and start with the best of wishes. The same people reported that Harry's wife had made several changes in the family that ranged from the way he dressed, to the cars he visited and friends he often visited.

"Meghan has been told she must start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a real member," said one of the sources closest to The Mail palace on Sunday.

But he seems very clear about what he wants and doesn't know about any protocol.

His assistant received, from morning in the morning, five to six text messages to start the day with ideas and things that might be possible to increase his role as a duchess. But not in a way or a bad arrogance, just by wanting to carry out their role in the most efficient way possible.

The Duchess does not want to give up ordinary friendships, such as Serena Williams herself, who is supported in one of the most important matches and with whom she continues to maintain a very good relationship. Like a coworker who accompanied him on the previous stage as an actress and those who brought it to heart.

At present, it seems that Hurricane Meghan conquered England with their naturalness and their sincere and direct manner. Is that the next queen of hearts?

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