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This Wednesday, Bayern Munich confirmed that the Colombian midfielder suffered a sprain in the external ligament of his left knee. He will be a few days with his feet unable to move.

James Rodriguez did not play against England for the World Cup knockout round in Russia due to a right soleus injury.AFP

Luck is still not on James Rodriguez's side. Bayern Munich confirmed Wednesday morning that the Colombian midfielder suffered an injury to the external ligament of his left knee during training last Tuesday. What will make it inactive for several weeks.

With this latest injury and five years so far, it includes those that made him quit the match against England in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Russia 2018. (Read here: Bayern Munich confirm a new injury to James Rodriguez)

The first arrived in February 2018. The Colombian player experienced discomfort in his left twin muscle. Medical tests conducted at the time indicated that he would leave the field for 18 days.

The next and perhaps the most famous is what happened to him during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Poland has a physical problem that limits him to having a high performance in the appointment of orbitals.

In the same world cup, James suffered a second injury which made him out of the round of 16 matches against England. Men from the Bavarian set suffer from edema in the right soleus. (Also read: "I'm happy with Alavés, even though my situation isn't the best": Daniel Torres)

"A resonance was made for James Rodríguez, whose results showed that he had a minor edema without fibrillar rupture in the right soleus," the Colombian Football Federation said after several days of silence.

The World Cup ends for Colombia and James dedicated himself to his recovery to start the season with Bayern Munich. However, at the beginning of August I will suffer one more.

James was hit on one of his ankles in a friendly against Rottach. The injury took him almost 15 days of competition, including a dispute for the German Super Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt. (Maybe it interests you: "I admire Lio Messi": Diego Armando Maradona)

Now, this week he added a fifth injury by confirming a sprain in the ligament outside his left knee. It must be 10 days with the legs immobilized and it will be low for "next week," explained Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, doctor from the Bavarian group.

All the injury calendars that affected him, besides physical problems, in his intention to appear deeper in a team led by Croatia's Niko Kovac.


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