fiscal control reform: The Financial Supervisor presents a fiscal control reform project | National


Republican Financial Supervisor, Carlos Felipe Córdoba, presented today for consideration Congress draft legislative action that significantly reformed the current tax control system.

"It's about acting in real time with regard to the source and use of public resources and not posthumously, when the damage materializes", obviously the Financial Supervisor.

He added that the main idea of ​​his proposal was that an integral model of public inheritance protection and defense was enforced, such that Supervision don't continue to live "Notary from public danger" and limit themselves to recording their events and trying to compensate each other through processes that are inefficient, complicated and to some extent, where cases of greater quantity and importance are left to subsequent supervision of debated administrative jurisdictions.

Among the proposals, the proposal proposes "assigning jurisdictional functions to Supervision, for process and process decisions fiscal responsibility, give the officer an investigation of the same power as the Judge. "

Besides that, creation "Intervention Function" in front of territorial control, when there is evidence of a lack of objectivity and impartiality or lack of technical capacity to implement function performed by this organism.

Córdoba He shows that Project Legislative Law "By means of fiscal supervision and a modified control regime and Public Population Recovery Tax Actions made", which were built together with trade union organizations from CGR, reform the article 116, 267, 268 and 272 of the Political Constitution, to strengthen the fiscal control function.


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