Drug Law did not find cyanide in the biological remnants of Jorge Enrique Pizano


16 November 2018 – 3:45 a.m.



Legal Director of Medicine, Carlos Valdés, said Friday that inside the body of engineer Jorge Enrique Pizano, witness to the key to the Odebrecht case died last week, no trace of cyanide was found, so the initial version remained that death was caused by a heart attack.

The samples were analyzed, Valdés said, taken at the San Rafael de Facatativá hospital, where he arrived after a visit to the Subachoque health center, the city where the examiner Corficolombiana lived.

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His son, Alejandro Pizano, died of cyanide, after drinking water from a bottle he should have found on his father's table. For this reason, additional tests are ordered at the initial necropsy, which indicates that his death was caused by a heart attack.

"The analysis was carried out in parallel by two laboratories (one from Ibagué and the other from Bogotá) which were accredited at the Institute, the results were negative for cyanide, and no cyanide was found on one of the tissues or in the solution containing them. death is still what the hospital determined Facatativá was so necropsy clinically done, "Valdés said.

It must be remembered that Legal Medicine has reported that Alejandro Pizano, son of Jorge Enrique Pizano, died from consuming cyanide.

"Evidence gathered at the parents' residence (Alejandro) shows that the victim will find cyanide in a bottle of water on his father's table, from which he sipped it," the press release said by the Office of the Prosecutor General citing Legal Drugs.

The death of Alejandro Pizano was declared last Sunday, November 11, and his forensic analysis has raised clear hopes for death 'exponential', and closeness to the death of his father, Jorge Enrique, who suffered a heart attack last week, on November 8.

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