Friday , February 26 2021

Commercial ship with ice cream, fruit and experiment part of EEI

A ship with supplies for the International Space Station takes off from Virginia on Saturday, the second shipment to laboratory orbitals in two days.

Northrop Grumman launched his Antares rocket from Wallops Island before dawn, pleasing early birdwatchers on the Atlantic coast. A ship from the Russian space agency, also with material, had gone to the ISS just 15 hours earlier.

US shipments will arrive at the space laboratory on Monday, a day after Russia. Among 3,500 kilos (7,400 pounds) traveling with the Cygnus capsule there are ice creams and fresh fruit for three ISS residents and 3D printers that change the plastic used in the new section.

A turkey plate for Thanksgiving dinner – rehydratable, of course – already in an orbital position, where an American, German and Russian live now.

The laboratory also prepares another birthday: on Tuesday celebrates its 20th anniversary in orbit. The first part was launched on November 20, 1998 from Kazakhstan.

The Cygnus capsule is named John Young in honor of the legendary astronaut who stepped on the moon and ordered the shuttle's first flight, which died last January.

This is the first commercial capsule to use the name Northrop Grumman. The company bought Orbital ATK in June. SpaceX is another NASA provider for sending material to ISS.

The ship also conducted an experiment to observe how cement solidified in weight, among others. There are also medical equipment, outerwear and other items that will replace non-arrivals last month after failures in Russian rockets where they traveled. The two astronauts on the Soyuz ship survived the emergency landing. Three other astronauts are scheduled to depart from Kazakhstan on December 3.

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