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Yuquan canceled the concert and fish pond. The name of the famous Baobao car is related to publicity_News_ _ 侠 _ 财经 网 – CAIJING.COM.CN

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Yesterday, there was a big event in the entertainment industry. "Chen Yufan was arrested for using drugs." The city gate caught fire and the fish swimming pool, which burned the fire to Baojun Automobile. Yuquan held a 20th anniversary tour this year, and Baojun Automobile is one of the famous brands. When Chen Yufan was arrested, Yu Quan canceled a concert in Guangzhou, and Baojun Automobile was forced to release Yu Quan's promotion.

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It is understood that Baojun Automobile sponsors 6 Yuquan concerts, and the last is the Guangzhou concert. At present, you can also find many promotional articles such as "Baojun 530 and Yuquan" and "Bao Jun free to send Yuquan concert tickets".

With Yu Quan canceling the concert in Guangzhou, a screenshot was sent online. It is understood that the screenshots are from WeChat Baojun car dealer group, the content is that dealers and media platforms will be released under Yuquan emergency. All orders will be completed before November 29.

Screenshot Master Capture 356 - Yuquan Concert sponsored by Baojun _ Baidu search _ - https ___ www.baidu.com_s

Specific content: "Please ask all dealers, on standalone media platforms (public numbers, official websites), collection platforms, and space exhibition terminal materials, including distributors and employees of WeChat's circle of friends to check whether there are relevant publications about Yuquan and Baojun Automobile , if relevant communication material and articles must be completed before November 29. "

It was understood that after the Baojun 530 was launched in March, sales were short-lived. In the first few months of the Baojun list, monthly sales were often more than 10,000 vehicles. In May this year, sales volume exceeded 17,000 units, which was once considered the successor to Haval H6.

However, the Baojun 530 did not continue to write the Baojun 510 glory. After May, monthly sales volume showed a decline like a cliff. In September, sales of fewer than 9,000 units, and in October only 2,973 units were sold, down 66.6% from the previous month. The reason is related to the fact that the Baojun Automobile product positioning is too high, the SUV market is not good, and competitor prices are down.

This time, due to an accident from the chosen spokesperson, the Baojun Auto propaganda series was stopped, and the Baojun 530 revitalization hopes were once again canceled.

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