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Since the birth of the MIX series, Xiaomi has insisted on using ceramic materials.from

Among them, Xiaomi MIX, Xiaomi MIX 2 are all exclusive ceramic versions using a full ceramic bodyfrom

Xiaomi MIX 3 uses colored ceramics, which are better than glass.

Besides Xiaomi,from

Black OPPO R15 ceramics, father of Android, Essential Phone also uses ceramicsfrom

Now another new flagship uses this type of material.

Xiaomi feels under exposure to the Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic version

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On January 19, it was reported that Samsung will also launch the ceramic version of the Galaxy S10 +, which is available in black and white. Ceramic processing is relatively difficult compared to glass, so the ceramic version of the Galaxy S10 + may be more expensive than the regular version.

According to information provided by Evleaks, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series has three models: Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 +. All three phones use "screen digging solutions", where two front cameras are embedded in the Galaxy S10 + screen.

Other than that,from

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will also be equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint technology, which will become Samsung's first flagship fingerprint screen.

Finally, when it was released,from

The Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be officially released on the morning of February 21, Beijing time.

Xiaomi feels under exposure to the Samsung Galaxy S10 + ceramic version

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