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The Spaniard may be under immense pressure at the North London Derby with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, but he is a better choice than the Portuguese.

Amazing changes can happen in just a few months!

In August, Arsenal fans were still smiling. This is their 14th FA Cup win. Aubameyang will sign his new contract, and under Mikel Arteta, his future looks bright.

At the same time, at Tottenham, Mourinho won sixth place in the Premier League, and people began to question their performance.

He made little progress after his appointment. Tottenham’s form was poor at the time, and even though the Portuguese coach replaced Pochettino in November 2019, he failed to tighten the defense.

As Tottenham beat Everton 0-1 at home to the first weekend of the new season, these questions continued to surface. In the same week, Arsenal started their journey with a 3-0 win over Fulham.

The two North London clubs appear to be heading in different directions. Arsenal brought their team together under the leadership of a young and energetic coach, while Tottenham struggled under the leadership of an experienced coach, and many thought he had a setback.

However, just four months later, when we entered the first North London Derby of the season, things were completely different.

The defeat to Everton in the first weekend was the only defeat Spurs have experienced in the league this season. Prior to their 0-0 draw with Chelsea last weekend, they finished first in the standings and had beaten two Manchester clubs and won four games in a row.

In contrast, Arsenal have lost 5 times in the last 8 league games and scored just 10 goals in the first 10 games, ranked 14th with 13 points, which is their lowest in the same period in the Premier League. integral.

Hector Bellerin Arsenal

Hence, when Mourinho found that his work at Tottenham was praised, Arteta felt a lot of pressure, and some fans even asked him to hire him just four months after he lifted the FA Cup. .

When asked about the pressure on Arteta, Bellerin said: “That’s too unfair.”

“As players, we have to take responsibility for this because I think we all know that Mikel and his coaching team are giving us all the tools we need to win all the games.”

“When you lose a game, it’s always easy to blame the coach. But at the same time, when the coach gives us the tools, we have to go forward.”

From a management point of view, Arteta may be inexperienced, but he has a long history of experience in the game and knows that football develops very quickly.

He may have won the FA Cup a few months ago, but when you are at a club like Arsenal you have to make a difference. Otherwise, you will be severely criticized.

This is his second position as Arsenal coach against Tottenham. He lost his first derby and lost 1-2 at the end of last season; if he lost again this time, it would only make the opponent even tighter.

Arteta’s poor start to the season has even left some Arsenal fans wondering if the club should look to Mourinho instead of him.

Mikel Arteta

Before the Portuguese coach took over Tottenham Hotspur, he was rumored to be going to the Emirates Stadium to replace Emery. It is rumored that he will have dinner with Arsenal director of football Sanlei in London.

This news was quickly debunked by sources at the North London club. One obvious conclusion is that if Arsenal signed someone who was making fun of Wenger, Arsenal would “sell their soul” and be fair. Two years ago, after Manchester United lost 2-0 at the Emirates Stadium, he also said in his post-match press conference: “Arsenal fans are very happy. I’m happy for them.”

“This is the first time I have left Highbury or the Emirates Stadium. They are very happy. This is the first time!”

“When I left Highbury, they cried. When I left the Emirates Stadium, they cried. They walked down the street with their heads down. So today they ended up singing and they waved their scarves. It’s for them. That’s great.”

Tottenham’s current status may lead some to question whether Arsenal would be wise to ignore Mourinho when he can play, but the Gunners are right to take a different path to introduce Arteta.

London’s most successful clubs desperately need reconstruction, not short-term restoration. And Mourinho will be a short-term promise, one that will no doubt end in a messy and costly farewell. Why? Because it always happens.

Arteta needs time to turn things around. He won the FA Cup in the early days of coaching, which might make people expect too much of him, as there is still a lot of work to be done to solve Arsenal’s problems.

“My dream for the club is to reach the level the club deserves and build a project,” said Arteta this week. “But believe me, it takes time, and it’s not one to three months.”

“It takes time, lots of good decisions and a lot of support. We are here and I am ready to fight. I am ready to fight until the end because I believe we can do it.”

After beating Vienna 4-1 in the Europa League on Thursday evening, Arsenal desperately need their strength to take on Sunday’s North London Derby.

Mikel Arteta

It is an energetic and confident performance, completely different from that of Arteta’s side in the Premier League in recent weeks.

Before playing with Tottenham, the Spaniard had to make some big decisions. If his team wants to win the championship, he has to make the right decisions.

In a quick match against Vienna, Lacazette performed well in the 10 defender position. The French striker has been left on the bench in the last two leagues, but now he must find a solution to the team’s current offensive problems on Arteta’s mind.

Niles and Les Nelson also made a deep impression in their win on Thursday evening, challenging rookies and possibly replacing Xhaka and William who are struggling to regain their form.

Arteta also has to decide how to get his team against Tottenham. Will he stick to the 4-2-3-1 formation he chose recently? Or will he return to the back three to defend against Tottenham Hotspur’s counter-attacking threat?

It really depends on whether Thomas Partey is healthy. If Ghana can play, Arteta will have more offensive options. If he can’t, playing the extra guard might be the way to deal with Harry Kane and Sun Xingmin.

Arteta will face a key test for Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday. A quick win over Vienna in midweek helped ease the pressure, and a win in the North London Derby may be just what it takes to inject vitality into this choked up league season.

However, once defeated, the Arsenal coach will experience an unprecedented attack.


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