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According to Liu Cixin's novel "The Wandering Earth", the last story was released tonight. The film tells us that the sun is rapidly aging in the near future, and humans must start the "Wandering Earth" program. The film will be released on New Year's Day. Yesterday, "Bumi Mengembara" previewed in Beijing, and Liu Cixin was praised with tears.

Liu Cixin said: "Earth Wanders has a sense of historical film. It is a science fiction film based on Chinese cultural background. This is a good interpretation of the feelings of Chinese people about their homeland and land." Earth Odyssey "the original provides a background, this is a successful re-creation, and the results are linked to the production team. As a fan of science fiction, I express my deepest gratitude to each staff member."

Director of "The Wandering Earth" and Liu Cixin

Renowned cultural scholar Dai Jinhua sincerely congratulates "Wandering Earth" and gives the film a high rating with "China's first year science fiction opened in 2019". At the same time, he said: "This film reveals the persistence of the Chinese" Yugong Yishan ", who impressed me the most." Han Song, a famous science fiction writer, said: "Wandering the Earth" shows the wonders of science fiction, a tense rhythm. This is also very fun. The film also gives us a new vision of the New Year film. We put feelings of family, friendship, and land into space. "

When the host talked about the box office, Liu Cixin said sincerely: "The box office" Wandering Earth "was a huge success even if it was only ten dollars. I hope everyone can watch this film."

Director Guo Fan also expressed his gratitude to Wu Jing. He said: "Without Wu Jing, there would be no" Wandering Earth ". He would lend a helping hand in our most difficult times. He saw the whole process of preparation and filmmaking, thinking about it. When I was in the state" Wolf of War " , not Wu Jing who believes in the abilities of our team, but he believes in the future. He believes that China must have its own science fiction films in the future. "


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