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The Xiaomi Yuquan concert was canceled this time is a big loss? _ Eastern Fortune Network

Xiaomi is losing money now? On the 28th, Xiaomi has an official microblog releasefrom

AnnouncementIt was said that the "Beijing Special Edition of the Yuquan 20th Anniversary Concert" held at the Beijing Workers' Stadium on December 25, 2018 will be canceled. Users who have participated in the draw will be replaced by equivalent items.

Screenshot Source: "Millet has a product" Weibo

On the 28th, the official Weibo from Shijingshan Branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau announced that on November 26, the Shijingshan Public Security Bureau arrested two drug-related criminals in a district in Beijing according to mass reports (men, 43 years, singers). And He Moumou (female, 25 years old, unemployed), the scene received 7.96 grams of ice, 2.14 grams of marijuana. After a urine test, Chen positively used ice and marijuana, and he was positive for using marijuana.

At present, Chen is administratively detained for taking drugs because of drug abuse and possession of illegal drugs. This case is in the process of being worked on further. According to the China News Network, information sources revealed that the man was a singer Chen Yufan.

Xiaomi has a product that has participated in the lottery self-media platform concert. Tickets will be replaced by equivalent items (calculated based on the highest coupon value of 1280 yen), and products can be selected at Xiaomi.

According to public information, Xiaomi has a Xiaomi lifestyle e-commerce platform product, which focuses on boutique life and was launched on April 6, 2017. It is understandable that this concert is exclusively named by Xiaomi, and for this purpose, millet has a product area from Pinyuquan Music Carnival, and selling dolls warning two people, which are expensive.

And Xiaomi has announced that the product will be exchanged for concert tickets, and this is also a heated discussion on Weibo. Some netizens say that "millet is depressed", and netizens complain that "the original is so sad, there are products that only want to make a name, and an advertisement will disappear."

Some netizen comments

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