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2019-01-20 09:32:55 Source: China News Net

BEIJING, Beijing, January 20 (Xin Rui) On the 19th, 130 Spartan warriors from around the world gathered at Beijing Orson Park to open their first challenge in the New Year – Spartan Warriors.

The Soldiers are at the location of the Storm Race. The organizer provides pictures.The Soldiers are at the location of the Storm Race. The organizer provides pictures.


Hurricane Race is a type of race in the Spartan Warriors Endurance Race that is divided into 4-hour typhoon races, 12-hour hurricane competitions, and 24-hour hurricane competitions. All participants must bring required equipment to the venue at the specified time. Complete a series of tasks if you are informed about any content challenges.

This competition is a four-hour hurricane race, divided into four groups for competition, they must complete field assignments through teamwork at the instructor's request.

Challenging cold winds, five and a half hours of matches, as soon as the players cry. "This competition is a group of people who are connected together through barbed wire, but also to maintain the rhythm of others, but also repeatedly abused many times, really want to give up every second," said Ma Feiyan.

As one of the few female players, this was the first time in a hurricane race, and he never thought that he would survive this exam one day. However, all of this seems more "light and familiar" to Shi Yitian, who is only 18 years old.

Shi Jietian is currently in his second year of high school, he is a big fan of the Spartan Warriors. Previously, he participated in many competitions as emergency volunteers. For the first time as a contestant today, he acknowledged the Spartan spirit: "It tests everyone's ability to collaborate and help everyone achieve their ultimate goal through teamwork. After all, a group of people who cannot do it with someone's strength can do it."

Ma Feiyan gritted his teeth to complete the final challenge, along with Shi Yantian, he won a medal in the first Spartan Hurricane Race on the grand stage of the year-end ceremony.

Lu Wenqiang's family also appeared on the award ceremony stage. From the start of individual battles, to today's families, Lu Wenqiang fully united the Spartan spirit into life. In order to let his 6-year-old son broaden his horizons, to integrate his post-birth wife into society, he took part in his wife and children last year.

Under the testimony of 600 soldiers at the award ceremony, plans for the new year's event will also be released. More than 30 matches will be held in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. At the same time, Lv Wenqiang's family has long been prepared to wait for a new round of challenges. (End)


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