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2018-12-27 00:52:29 Source: Beijing News

Yesterday, James was injured in the match, but it didn't end soon. This year is James's 16th season in the NBA, at the age of 34, he is a famous "iron man" in NBA history. This Chinese image / visual version

On December 26, in the Lakers NBA Christmas Day away match against the Warriors, James left the field in the third quarter due to a groin injury. The family star injury inspired the team's fighting spirit, the Lakers victory 127 to 101 over the defending champions. According to US media reports, James will conduct an MRI on December 27. Specific injuries are temporarily uncertain.

This year is the 16th season of the NBA season James. At the age of 34, he was "iron steel" famous in NBA history. He has never suffered a serious injury throughout his career, which is inseparable from his extraordinary physical talent and scientific system training. Not surprisingly, James's injury will not be too heavy, and will soon be full of blood.

Injury, breaking through the ground and pulling on the groin

The strong dialogue between the Lakers and the Warriors has attracted much attention from the outside world. This game is not only the highlight of the Christmas War, but also the confrontation between James and the Warriors. Under James's leadership, the Lakers dominated the game and remained the lead in most of the time. Before leaving the game, James played 21 minutes and scored 17 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists.

The accident occurred in the third quarter with about 8 minutes left. James took the ball and made physical contact with the Warriors Green player. When he falls to the ground, he injures his groin. After waking up, James did not leave, but quickly returned to his defensive position, until the Warriors offensive round ended, James motioned to the coach to apply for a timeout. After squatting on the sidelines, James confirmed that he could not continue the game and he had no choice but to return to the dressing room.

"When I reached for the ball, I thought I was pulling my groin. When I returned to the defense, the same position was pulled again. It was an unfavorable round." When he got injured, James said that a similar injury had been experienced, but it was a long time ago.

According to US media, a preliminary examination showed that James only complained a little. James also stressed in an interview that "I won't worry too much about injuries." To be on the safe side, James still needed to pass MRI. Check to confirm.

James said that he had watched the rest of the match in the dressing room. He was very satisfied with the appearance of his team-mates. "We didn't play very well at the start, and the Warriors scored a climax, but after that, Kuzma came in. Two free throws, we controlled the rhythm of the game. Besides, I thought Rondo was shining, he controlled the pace, scored at his own shooting point , and use bait to find teammates. "

Ironman's career attendance rate is more than 90%

"I have never seen him injured. This game saw him get sick, I was even a little surprised, I couldn't believe it." As Rondo said, in everyone's impression, James's entire career was rarely hurt. In this case, James also said frankly, "I rarely suffer injuries, but sometimes (injuries) this also happens."


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